How do I set up my Blackberry to send and receive AOL mail?

How do I set up my Blackberry to send and receive AOL mail.
There are several different types of BlackBerries (Bold, Curve, Pearl, Storm, Style, Torch, or Tour) and they each have a slightly different process for adding an AOL Mail account. To find instructions specific to your BlackBerry, please visit

Here’s how to configure your BlackBerry to receive mail from your AOL account (images vary by BlackBerry type):

1. From your home screen, select the Setup folder.

2. Select the Email Settings icon.

3. Select AOL.

4. Choose AOL or AIM – depending on which type of email account you want to add.

5. Enter your AOL or AIM email address and password, and then select Next.

6. Select Accept to accept AOL Terms of Services. 

7. Once setup is complete, select OK


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