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How to configure wireless settings on your Xbox 360 console ??


This article describes how to configure the wireless settings on your Xbox 360 console. After you configure the wireless settings, you can connect to the Internet and Xbox LIVE (if you have access to a wireless network).



Which console do you have?

Original Xbox 360 console


How can we configure Netgear Extender ?????

Steps to configure Netgear Extender : 

1. we need a laptop and router to configure extender.
2. first of all we need to connect laptop to router with hardwired.
3. Reset Netgear Extender to push and hold reset button for 30 seconds using pen or paper clip.

4. After reset extender , we need to connect extender with laptop (Wireless Network) and name of the extender is Netgear_Ext (Default name after reset extender)

5.After that we need to open Command prompt and then, type ipconfig to identify the default ip address of extender (under wireless network adapter).

6. Open Extender home page using default IP address of extender (192.168.1.XX).

7. Then it will automatically setup your extender and then it will ask you to enter router network name (SSID) and password (Network Key).

8. It will automatically configure your extender with router and then extender will provide to SSID and Network Key or Password to connect the devices with Wireless Network of Extender.

9. Then you can connect your laptop or any device with the information given by extender.
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