Error: "It is not possible to disable the connection at this time. This connection maybe using one or more protocols that do not support Plug and play, or it may have been initiated by another user or the system account"

You may try the following methods and check if it helps:

Method 1:
a. Click Start and select Run, type cmd and click OK.
b. Type net stop cryptsvc and press the Enter key.
c. Type ren %systemroot%\System32\Catroot2 oldcatroot2 and press the Enter key.
d. Restart the computer.
e. Open again command prompt and Type net start cryptsvc and press the Enter key.

How to troubleshoot problems when you install or uninstall programs on a Windows-based computer ??

Fix the problem manually

To resolve these kinds of issues, follow the steps listed below:

important : you can follow Microsoft KB article :

Windows Installer issues

The Windows Installer Engine could be corrupted, installed incorrectly, or disabled. This may cause installation issues.

Top 6 Ethical Hacking Tools

Automatic tools has changed the world of penetration testing/ethical hacking, IT security researcher has been developed and currently developing different tools to make the test fast, reliable and easy.
Just consider the world without automatic tools, you can easily say that the hacking process is slow and time consuming.
We have discussed different tools before but in this article we summarise the best tools that are widely used in the world of hacking. 

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