windows password recovery for xp-7-vista

  • Download using the following link:

     Article:Click Here

    Then unzip it and it will provide you the iso

    Burn it using Power iso :

          Instructions video :


    1.       Insert the cd

    2.      Go to boot menu

    3.      Select cd/dvd

    4.      Then it would take you to first Hiren’s boot cd screen, select “Boot From CD”

    5.      Then select the third option Password and Recovery option

    6.      Then select the first option Active Password Changer

    7.      Then select the 2nd option Search for MS database

    8.     Then it would show you the database select it

    9.      Then it would select the no. of profile

    10.  Select the user

    11.   Clear the password

    12.  Exit(esc)  again and again

    13.  it would take you to dos screen

    14.  type reboot


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there is a new updates here.. follow this link .
n new updates too . Rex

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Vikas :

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