How to set up an administrator account with the command prompt

Step One
Opening the Command prompt

Go to start>run then type in cmd.exe and the prompt will open. If the run button isn't there click on the start button and just hit r.

If for some reason the run box wont show up.
Open up notepad and type cmd.exe and savee it as command.bat to the desktop. If for some reason you cant find notepad, open up interent explorer and go to view>source, just delete all the text that pops up.

Step Two
Making the new account that will become administrator
In the command prompt type net_user_USERNAME_PASSWORD_/add
The "_"'s should be spaces. If you use "_"'s it wont work so be sure you use spaces instead. You should see a message like so.

Change "USERNAME" and "PASSWORD" to whatever you want them to be.
Step Three
Making the new account administrator
Now type this into the command prompt net_localgroup_administrators_USERNAME_/add
Yet again be sure to change the "_"'s to spaces and change "USERNAME" to whatever you used before.

Step Four
Log onto that new account and do whatever you need to =]


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