Lan Chat free Software without any chat server.

LANcet Chat is free software for real-time message exchange over a local network (LAN). With it, you don’t need to install a chat server. All participants can connect at any time and see each other automatically. Just run the chat on every computer and have fun.

The main features of LANcet Chat:
  • No need for pre-configuration;
  • No need for an allocated server, it works in conference style, therefore all participants have equal rights;
  • Chat can start automatically with Windows and stay in the system tray (near the clock) waiting for messages throughout the whole day without disturbing you;
  • Private messages can be sent;
  • Standard emoticons allowed;
  • Popup windows and sounds will inform you of a new incoming message or when a new user appears in your contact list;
  • Antiboss system allows you to hide Chat from your desktop by pressing the <Esc> key. As quick as you hid it, you can restore the Chat window using your own secret key combination;
  • Simple contact list control allows you to ignore all messages from some boring or non-interesting interlocutors.
Just download, install, and chat!


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Thanks for sharing beneficial information for the betterment of our knowledge about free Software and please keep sharing.

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