Missing Msconfig in windows XP,Vista & 7 ?

You can use the Windows XP  version of MSCONFIG in vista & 7.
  • Copy the file msconfig.exe from the c:\windows\system folder to the Windows 2000 c:\winnt\system32 folder. 
Download the msconfig.exe Windows XP version file from our site if you do not have it easily accessible, this version will work with windows 2000.
if you download this file, save it to the c:\winnt\system32 folder so you can use the Start/Run method to access it, or save it to the desktop, that way you can access it by clicking on the icon it will create on your desktop.
  • Click | Start | Run | and type msconfig on the text box and click the OK button to start MSCONFIG
  • ignore the error messages you get about not finding the following files
    • config.sys
    • autoexec.bat
    • win.ini
    • system.ini
  • Click the startup tab
  • Check or Uncheck the check boxes of the programs you want to run or not run

    It is best to write down which programs were checked so you can have a copy of them for later reference. Some of the startup entries are from anti-virus programs and must be re-checked after finishing any troubleshooting

  • Worth While Tip about the contents of the Startup Tab: you can open in a second window a program like Word or Paint, so that one window has MSCONFIG and the other Word. Then when you view the contents of startup in MSCONFIG press the PrintScreen key on the top right corner of the keyboard (on some systems it only works if you also press the Shift key ie <Shift> < PrintScreen>).

    Pressing PrintScreen places a copy of the screen on the clipboard, then you can switch to the other program (ie Word) , create a New blank document (ie | File | New | Page | ) and from the top menu select | Edit | Paste | , this will paste a picture copy of the viewable portion of the startup window, then you can go back, scroll to more startup items and again press PrintScreen, switch to word and paste that window as well, then save the Word page or print it out to the printer for future reference.


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