Creating new Mac OS X account to recover old account

Creating new Mac OS X account to recover old account
Restart system and hold “Cmd + S” keys from keyboard until it shows Terminal.

Now type the following commands one after one and press “Enter” button after each command to execute it individually
/sbin/mount -uw
rm /var/db/.applesetupdone

“Reboot” command will restart the Mac and you will see the “Welcome wizard” after beautiful welcome messages animation.

Follow all the wizard instructions, until you see the following screen to create new account. Fill all entries and hit Continue button.

This will create a new administrator account and automatically log into it.
Reset old user account password
Now you can reset the password of your old Mac OS X account using this new account, here is the process.
Click on “Apple icon” and then “System Preferences”

Click on “Account”s icon

Here you can see all Mac OS X user accounts are listed, new account “TrickyWays” that we have created and “Susan” the old one that we want to recover.
Click on lock icon to enable prev. account “Susan” and reset its password.

Enter the Password of current user account and hit OK button

Now your prev. account is enabled for changes, select that and hit the “Reset Password” button

Enter “New password”, “Password hint” and hit “Reset Password” button to reset account password.

Now log off and log in to your prev. account “Susan” and you can delete the account “TrickyWays” that we have created to recover prev. account “Susan”


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